How to become a pro in Andor's trail

 How to become a pro in Andor's trail? Talk to Mikhail Get the gold southeast of the house Kill the two rats outside the house Buy a bread in Tavern Talk again to Mikhail Buy Quarterstaff at Audir Talk to The Guy northeast of town Avoid the rats in Supply cave Kill the Boss of the rats Talk again to the the Guy at northeast Sell the Quarterstaff to Audir because now you have the Iron Sword Go to the Southeast of the town and talk to Oromir Go to Leta's house at the center of the town Tell her about her husband oromir Buy the fine green hat at The Tavern Kill the snakes at Snake cave until you got the money to buy the Tavern brawler's ring at Ganos in Fallhaven. Grind at the Supply cave until you reach level 5 At level 5 use your skill at Increase Fortitude Grind until you reach level 8 Now use it at Regeneration skill Now go talk to Jan southeast of Crossglen Accept the quest Enter the cave south of him Use save and load tactics Do it until you reach Irigotu Save Talk to hi